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Did you once learn to play an instrument?  It doesn’t matter how long ago, some skills and talents just need a little nurturing and support.

There must be a number of musicians in Northamptonshire that once passed through secondary and upper schools studying an instrument along the way.  The highly successful Northamptonshire Music Service has produced many outstanding professional musicians over the last 30-40 years, but what about the competent and able musicians that stopped playing once they left school or college?  Where are those students, who are now mums and dads watching their children play in school concerts and at local music centres?  There is a real opportunity now at Roade Community Orchestra to come back to music in a safe and friendly environment.

At Roade Community Orchestra we can offer you a chance to dust off that old Violin, polish up that old Trombone or blow the cobwebs from that old Clarinet somewhere lost in the attic.